Standing figure on suitcase base. 1.3m by 33cm by 47cm. Bronze, edition of 15.

'Submit' explores the idea of the modern-day Madonna using a contemporary spin on classical sculpture. I'm interested in images that speak about the expectations that I experience directly as a mother/woman and my perception of the experiences of other women/mothers.This is a theme that I suspect I will always come back to. It began with earlier ceramic works such as 'Domestication' and 'The Housewife' and it relates to finding my own personal identity in this patriarchal society. 'Submit' was the first of a few related works.She has a dust/vapor mask on her head, and wears an apron.Both are pieces of equipment designed to protect the self, ones which I use in my studio every day.She stands on an old suitcase, the perhaps obvious embodiment of her history, her longing, her journey, her burden...and much more that the viewer is invited to interpret. Again, the concept of modern myth is relevant in terms of the place of women and mothers in society.