All casting is done by The Goodwin Foundry in Lidgeton in the KZN midlands.


Goodwin at the forge...

Elizabeth working on "Son of Man"

The beginning stage of patination.

The finished bronze is heated to catalyse the patina reaction

Pouring "Son of Man"

"The Pieta"  ready for pouring of bronze.

Foundryman Kim Goodwin with Elizabeth (image: Kavish)

The "Patina Room"

Bronze broken free from investment casing

and controlling the operation.

Creating the patina is one of the final stages of bronze production.

A wax and dipped waxes 

Pouring bronze.

Fresh waxes cooling in the water bath

Freshly cast torso of "The Other".

Large works such as "Son of Man" are cast in sections which are then welded together.